Building Stone & Natural Thin Veneer

  • Natural Thin Veneer

    Due to variations in natural stone actual colors may vary.

    Our “Thin Veneer” is an ALL NATURAL alternative to natural and artificial stone. This product is REAL stone that has had the face of the stone sawn off to produce a much thinner and much lighter weight alternative to full bed stone. Thin Veneer ranges from 1” to 1.5” in thickness as opposed to full bed stone that averages around 6” to 7” in thickness. The durability of this product is much higher than artificial stone in that it retains the color much longer over time. Installation is easy for the Do-It-Yourself customer as well as for professional installers. (See installation manual)

    Installation PDF for Veneer

    Our Thin Veneer is available in flats (by square foot) and corners (by linear foot). The corner pieces provide the look of a full thickness stone by wrapping around the corners of the surface. Because of this, you can’t tell the difference in a full thickness and a Thin Veneer application.

    Thin Veneer is commonly used for interior and exterior walls, fireplaces, chimneys, facing foundation walls, mailboxes, backsplashes, and covering most any surface you like with natural stone.

  • Building Stone

    Due to variations in natural stone actual colors may vary.

    We offer a wide variety of building stone quarried right here in Tennessee. The beauty and natural aesthetic of our building stone is unmatched and will add value as well as the envy of your friends and neighbors to your home or business.

    Building Stone (Thick Wall stone) ranges in thickness from 3” to 6” with a nominal face range of 6” to 18”. Average coverage is approximately 35 to 40 square feet per ton when laid flat (web wall style). Coverage is slightly less when laid on edge (dry stack). Expect a waste factor of 25% to 30% in dry stack applications due to shaping and trimming of the individual stones. Footings are required when Building Stone is applied as a facade. Recommended footing width is 10” for web wall, dry stack, and semi-stack applications (measuring from the face of the unfinished wall).

    Available in most stone types including Fieldstone, Limestone, Sandstone, Ashlar, River Rock, etc. These patterns can be dry stacked (without mortar joint) or jointed (with mortar joint). Don’t feel limited to the options listed here, we would be happy to try and match stone to your preferences. Send us a photo of what you have in mind! The options are endless as far as blending stone types and patterns. These are some of our most popular:

  • Heritage Manor

    random fieldstone web wall

  • Autumn Harvest

    quarried bed face rectangles and squares with browns, tans, rust,
    greys and blacks

  • Hickory Ridge Thin

    fieldstone ledge, Thin Stack with a face height or 2” or under

  • Country Sunrise

    quarried bed face stone cut top and bottom at 2”, 4”, and 6” face
    heights with browns, tans, rust, greys and blacks

  • Rusty Weathered

    fieldstone random dry stack with broken edges ranging from 2” to 8”

  • Rustic Sunset

    A blend of Hickory Ridge and Sunset Stack

  • Tennessee Fields

    (thin veneer only) fieldstone in random lengths sawed top and
    bottom at 2”, 4” and 6” face heights

  • Frisco

    quarried ledge predominately tan with brown streaks

  • Riverbank Shade

    quarried ledge predominately grey with brown streaks

  • Hickory Ridge

    Medium fieldstone stack, natural edges, ranging from 2” to 6” face heights

  • Sequoyah Blend

    A blend of Autumn Harvest and Stonewood Mtn. with a small percentage of Arctic Grey

  • Sunset Stack

    broken face fieldstone ranging from 2” to 6” face heights

  • Cardinal Ridge

    grey limestone with pink and brown streaks throughout

  • Homestead Escape

    quarried ledge in browns and greys 2” to 6” with large fieldstone jumpers

  • Stonewood Mountain

    Fieldstone recs and squares from 6” to 18”

  • Arctic Grey

    grey limestone split face ranging from 4” to 10”(